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Token Max Supply Limited to10,000,000

10,000 Initial coin offering Tokens = $1,000,000.00

Remaining tokens will be added to 

circulation as Tokenized NFT Assets sale

50% of Merchandise sales will be added to the 

Tokens Liquidity

Token Symbol <ROC>

Liquidity Pool locked 

Standard ERC20 18 Decimals

Market Cap <est. 1M>

Contract Available on Etherscan

Our Story

Richoffcrypto Token were created as a utility tool to promote the long-term stabilization of NFT holdings. 

A tokenized reward system for staking Ethereum based assets, including NFTs and ERC20 tokens on a decentralized network.

Our Tokens design gives holders reward for staking ERC20 compliant assets for short and long term durations, while also providing monetary access to those same assets without forfeiture of said assets.

Potenialy monetizing the simple possession of NFTs and other ERC20 assets. 

  • Main idea of the project appears.

  • Discussions with blockchain experts about the project idea.

  • Researching and developing resources about the project.

  • Begin testing with the contract code

  • Hiring a visual professional for website and logo design.

  • Developing the website and communication channels such as twitter instagram reddit ect.

  • Finishing the test stage with the contract code and deploying on the Ethereum blockchain

  • Starting private sales for early adopters.

  • Launching on Uniswap with locked liquidity.

  • Submitting details for exchange listing.

  • Launching NFT Compound Rewards Staking DAapp.

  • Adding more exchange listings.

  • IOS app early beta (wallet) 

  • Create NFT earnings rewards programs for opensea and other ERC20 assets minted on the Ethereum DAapp.

  • Start testing for NFT earnings reward program.

  • Updating regular burn program

Our Roadmap

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